Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says Graham-Cassidy will go before Senate next week

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Millions would be expected to lose coverage under the bill that would fund individual insurance through block grants to states.

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Study: Healthcare demands taking toll on physician health, patient care

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MDVIP survey finds 54 percent of physicians admit they often end up writing prescriptions or referring patients to specialists because of time constraints.

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Doctor shortage fuels aggressive recruiting of physicians out of residency, survey shows

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Bad news for rural areas: Only 1 percent of respondents prefer to practice in communities of 10,000 people or fewer.

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CMS says it will change direction of CMMI, wants providers to have greater flexibility in payment model design

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CMS innovation center programs in limbo as officials say free market approach will encourage competition among healthcare providers.

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Almost half of Americans favor single-payer healthcare system, poll finds

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Republicans polled generally oppose the approach, although the opposition has been dwindling.

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5 things you need to know about GOP’s latest push to replace ACA

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The Graham-Cassidy proposal would fundamentally restructure the Medicaid program.

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An Innovative Way to Accelerate the Healthcare Revenue Cycle

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The right Revenue Cycle Management solution can dramatically improve efficiency, reduce costs, enhance patient satisfaction and improve the bottom line. This paper describes what to look for in an RCM solution to ensure you achieve these results.

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