The Security Leader’s Guide to Multi-Factor Authentication

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Single-factor authentication puts your enterprise at risk. Two-factor authentication, though a step in the right direction, leaves something to be desired in terms of both security and experience. As this guide shows, multi-factor is a better tool.

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How to Extend Identity Security to Your API’s

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Current identity and application security practices are not scaling to address the demands placed on them. As this whitepaper shows, to secure both identities and APIs, security practices must quickly evolve to incorporate modern identity standards.

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How to Balance Personalization and Privacy

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This executive brief shows how a purpose-built customer identity and access management (CIAM) platform can both enforce customer data-sharing consent and manage personalization preferences, satisfying two critical but seemingly opposing requirements.

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UnitedHealthcare partners with Quest Diagnostics on lab data

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Lab data on the 48 million consumers enrolled in UnitedHealthcare will help insurer reduce risk.

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CBO: 6 million more people will be insured through an association health plan or short-term plan in 5 years

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Premiums for benchmark plans are projected to increase by about 15% this year to next, and by about 7% per year between 2019 and 2028.

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Providers argue against Medicaid rate cuts without oversight

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States with at least 85% of their Medicaid population in managed care could implement nominal payment cuts without ensuring providers will assure access to care.

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A more cost effective, clinically sound approach to hemodialysis treatment

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More than 7 percent of the Medicare budget is spent on managing patients with end-stage renal disease.

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